A Glimpse into the Apocalypse: SkyScar Development Underway, Stay Tuned for More Details

There’s been a palpable buzz in the gaming community, and it’s all because of SkyScar, Afterburner Interactive’s inaugural project. Imagine an apocalyptic Southwest United States, a vast, unforgiving landscape filled with broken skyscrapers, alien spaceships, and pockets of human and non-human threats. Imagine it all with a real-world economy, intense PvP action, and a scale that’s unprecedented in open-world games. That’s SkyScar.

SkyScar isn’t just a game; it’s a new reality, daring you to survive in a world where the apocalypse is just the beginning.” — Derek McKean, Founder of Afterburner Interactive

Changing the Game in Open-World Survival

SkyScar isn’t just another post-apocalyptic survival game. It’s a groundbreaking fusion of genres, featuring elements of alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, and post-nuclear survival, all in one massive-scale open world. Think DayZ meets Ghost Recon Wildlands meets GTA. It’s an ambitious project that aims to redefine what’s possible in the world of gaming, offering players a plethora of experiences all packed into one incredibly immersive environment.

Our Vision for SkyScar

We know what’s been missing in survival games, and we aim to fill that void with SkyScar. Players will find themselves in an ever-evolving, unpredictable world where they can form alliances, compete for scarce resources, or go solo in their survival quest. A dynamic in-game economy, various factions, and a multitude of tactical approaches to situations are all in the works to make SkyScar a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stay Tuned for More

SkyScar is currently under heavy development, and we’re committed to making it a title that will captivate the gaming community for years to come. We can’t reveal all the secrets yet, but rest assured, more details will be coming your way. Stay tuned, and prepare yourself for an apocalyptic adventure like no other.

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